Chen YangDeputy Director of Quanzhou Tenet & Partners; Execute Partner; Partner; Lawyer

Office Location:Quanzhou

Tel:(86) 595 28685011

Practice areas:Company & PE; Capital Market & Finance; Real Estate & Construction Project; Dispute Resolution; Government Legal Adviser

LL.B., Law School of Xiamen University
LL.M., Law School of Huaqiao University
From September 2001 to 2004, Ms. Chen worked as legal affairs assistant and law and compliance section chief in asset preservation department of Bank of China Quanzhou Branch; From 2004 to 2005, she worked at the international division of Bank of China in Quanzhou; Since December 2005, Ms. Chen has joint Tenet & Partners Quanzhou and worked as a lawyer.
After obtained bachelor degree, Ms. Chen worked in a state-owned financial enterprise, worked in the legal and management area for many years, had accumulated much practical experience in the fields of company law, security law, contract law and other legal affairs. Since December 2005, Ms. Chen has joint Tenet & Partners Quanzhou and worked as a lawyer. She always adheres to diligent, responsible, rigorous and careful as her professional attitudes, makes every effort to assist the parties to find the most appropriate and most cost-effective solution, and tries hard to maintain the greatest interests for the parties. 
Typical Cases/Projects:
Ms. Chen’s occupational area including company, finance, guarantees, enterprise restructuring, requisition, construction project bidding, etc.
She has provided or is providing legal service for the following clients (incomplete list, in no particular order):
Quanzhou Architectural Design Institute
Quanzhou Fengze District Housing Demolition Co., Ltd
Quanzhou Supervision of Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd
Quanzhou East City Development and Construction Project
Quanzhou Southern Shaolin and Surrounding Scenic Area Construction Project
Legal services for Jinjiang Civil Projects such as First Period Renovation Project in West Lake Road
Legal services for Xiamen Intentional Trade Holdings Co., Ltd to make arrangements for an insurance company
Nanan Jinjiang Xixi Green Shore and Penstock Block BOT Project
The Sixth National Peasant Games Quanzhou Organization Committee Office
Bank of China Nanan Branch
China Citic Bank Co., Ltd Quanzhou Branch
China Construction Bank Co., Ltd Quanzhou Branch
Bank of China Quanzhou Branch
Nanan Fan Hua Investment Development Co., Ltd
Nanan Food City
Quanzhou Financing Guarantee Co., Ltd
Quanzhou Xin He Pawn Co., Ltd
Quanzhou Property Rights Trading Centre
Shishi Rich Bird Group Co., Ltd
Quanzhou East Ocean Development Co., Ltd
Quanzhou Fengze Mall Construction Co., Ltd
West Tiger Auto Industrial Co., Ltd
Shishi Fu Yin Small Loan Co., Ltd
In 2009, her article “the conflict and solution between the recover and mortgage right of the idle land” won the third prize in Fujian Lawyer Association Dissertation Seminar.