Chen XipengLawyer

Office Location:Quanzhou

Tel:(86) 595 28685018

Practice areas:Criminal; Merges & Acquisitions; Company & PE

Basic Background:
LL.B., Law School of Xiamen University
Mr. Chen has engaged in legal work for nearly 30 years, he has rich legal industry working experience; From 1988 to 2002, he worked as a practicing lawyer in two famous law office; In 2002, Mr. Chen participated in the preparation of Tenet & Partners (Quanzhou) and practice until now. For now.
Social Positions:
Member of Quanzhou Criminal Defence Lawyers Association Professional Committee
Typical Cases/Projects:
Mr. Chen has high professional quality and rich practical experience in the field of criminal defence, he has been dealt with more than 10 cases which has great influence in Quanzhou or Fujian Province; Successfully handling over several non-litigation legal affairs such as company equity transfer and wholly owned enterprise liquidation; He has rich experience in civil and commercial litigation cases.
Cases :
Acquitted case for Mr. Bai, the company legal representative of a certain real estate development company in Quanzhou who has suspicion of tax evasion;
Reduced sentenced to 3 years fixed-term imprisonment for Mr. Lin, the past local taxation bureau chief of Zhangzhou, who corrupted 100 thousand Yuan;
Suspended pronouncement of sentence for Mr. Su, the past judge of Quanzhou, who has suspicion of bribery and accepting bribes;
Acquitted case for Mr. Yan, a worker of a certain hospital in Quanzhou, who has suspicion of illegal practice of medicine;
Changed the original sentence for Mr. Lin, the defendant, who was accused of organizing, leading underworld property organization crime;
Special liquidation case for Shishi Stars Food Co., Ltd (Exclusively Foreign-Owned Enterprise);
Equity transfer case for Shishi Fei Hua Jin Qiu development Co., Ltd (WFOE);
In 2003, his article “the perfection of farmland use rights transfer system” won the prize of Quanzhou lawyer association outstanding paper;
In 2006, his article “the method and concept for interpretation of criminal law” won the prize of Quanzhou lawyer association outstanding paper;
In 2008, his pleadings “The suspicion of Li XX’s dereliction of duty” won the prize of excellent legal document in “the second term good justification selection competition” which hold by Fujian lawyer association.