Huang Minghuo Lawyer

Office Location:Quanzhou

Tel:(86) 595 28685060; (86) 13959790108

Practice areas:Real Estate & Construction; Corporation Business; Merges & Acquisitions; Land Requisition and Demolishing; Government Legal Counsel

LL.B., Law School of Xiamen University
Mr. Huang had engaged in legal and economic management teaching and research work in colleges and universities for many years. Since 2007, he joined Tenet & Partners and engaged in practicing as a lawyer. For now, he is a partner of Tenet & Partners.
Social Position:
Member of Quanzhou lawyer association administrative law professional committee
Typical Cases/Projects:
Mr. Huang has much practical experience, and he is especially good at relocation for settles for construction project, project construction, contract disputes, business corporation, etc.
Representative legal services projects for real estate and construction:
South area of Quanzhou Bridge reconstruction and requisition and construction for overpass project;
The channel west bank international procurement and requisition for regional distribution centre project;
Jinjiang Anhaihong tower village renovation project;
Jinjiang riverside business district construction project;
Jinjiang Cizhao town east road construction project;
Provincial highway 201 Jinjiang xianshi to Shishi Shuitou section for Jinjiang Road Construction Development Co., Ltd.;
Fast track Jinglin to Daibian section for Jinjiang Road Construction Development Co., Ltd.;
Quanzhou beltway (Jinjiang section) construction project;
Quanzhou south yingbin avenue (Jinjiang section) renovation project;
Minqing Meixi new town development and construction project;
Minqing Hulumen reservoir construction project;
Minqing Dongqiao industrial new town construction project;
Land requisition and demolishing project in Minqing Platinum Industrial District;
Minqing Chiyuan town 125 county road construction project;
Zhouning Shicheng town people’s government;
Zhouning new town construction headquarters;
Representative legal services projects for company business, merger, acquisition and reorganization:
Zhouning City Construction Investment Management Co., Ltd;
China United Network Communication Co., Ltd. Quanzhou branch;
Quanzhou Rich Bird Investment Co., Ltd