Combining latest social events, features of criminal cases and the situation of criminal defenses, Tenet & Partners establish this department in order to provide criminal defense services, including the criminal agent and the training of crime prevention. All members of Criminal defense team are graduated from elite Chinese universities and the majority holding post-graduate degrees in criminal law or criminal procedural law, In addition to their solid intellectual and theoretical foundation, several of them have considerable experience working in criminal prosecution and court proceedings for the state (whether in the public security bureau, the people's protectorate or the people' s courts). They are experts at dealing with the most significant, challenging and complex corporate criminal cases.
The profession service we provide in this field including:
Training of duty crime prevention and consulting
Report and legal consulting
As criminal suspect's defender in investigation stage
As defender and agent ad litem in the stage of review and prosecution
As defender in the first instance of case of public prosecution
As defender in the second instance of case of public prosecution
As victim's agent ad litem in trial stage of case of public prosecution
As plaintiff's or defendant's agent ad litem in incidental civil action
Criminal case appeal
File appeal cases and defense for appeal retrial cases

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