Real estate and Construction

Tenet & Partners take the leading position among law firms by providing legal services of the first-class and second-class land development, relocation projects, infrastructure construction, real estate development, construction engineering project risk prevention. We provide multiaspect and professional legal services. Permanent legal advisors of hundreds of real estate companies, units in charge of construction and construction companies are held by experienced and professional lawyers who are expert in real estate, construction, project investment, etc. in Tenet & Partners. Tenet & Partners was nominated by ALB as The Best Real Estate Law Firm in 2013, and won The Best Real Estate Legal Project in 2012.
The profession service we provide in this field including:
Development and financing on the primary land market
Housing expropriation and collectively owned land reconstruction
Acquirement, mortgage, transfer, lease or cooperative investment of the land usage right
Devising real estate project, attracting investment, risk investigation and evaluation, investment and financing, sale, contract management
Drafting and reviewing legal documents, assisting negotiation and management during the whole engineering construction phase
Providing legal services for Real Estate Service Company
Drafting and reviewing legal documents of real estate transaction, lease, sale and estate management

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