Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions is one of Tenet's core businesses. The M&A targets cover private enterprise, state-owned exclusive company, state-controlled company, state holding company,
listed company and non-listed company. The M&A forms include share acquisition, asset acquisition, leveraged buyout, tender offer, bidding acquisition, hostile acquisition and  merger-split of company, etc. Tenet & Partners combines professional skill with industry knowledge, and has a deep knowledge of M&A transaction aiming at different projects. Tenet & Partners was nominated by ALB as The Best M&A Project in 2013, and was awarded by SGLA as The Best M&A Project in 2015.
The profession services we provide in this field including:
Due diligence investigating on the targeted company and issuing legal opinion, informing legal risks and devising practicable solutions
According to clients' final purpose to design legitimate trade structure scheme which is secure, economic and operable
Assisting on tax-planing and adjusting trade structure scheme
Involving in the negotiations, to maintain clients' interests and promote communication
Drafting, revising and examining M&A legal documents
Organizing and implementing M&A contracts, assisting to handle delivery procedure and payments
Assisting in anti-monopoly investigation and making related legal documents
Dealing up follow-up management issues after Non 100% M&A 

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