Company and PE

In aspect of company, Tenet & Partners provides comprehensive legal services for clients for a long time. To improve companies’ market competitiveness and maximize their economic benefit and social benefit, we assist companies to form standardized operation in the beginning, prevent and solve legal risks in business process. This department has great reputation among clients at home and abroad.

In aspect of PE, Tenet & Partners owns a group of experts who have a deep knowledge of PE and are able to provide full-scale legal services, which makes us the leading position in the industry. Tenet has rich experience on fund management, M&A, financing, which contributing a lot to private investment and complex PE. We know industry trends, chief participant, framework and unique challenge of PE and gain deep understandings on clients’ requirement. Lawyers in tenet have long time cooperation with PE sponsors, banks, limited partnership,special opportunities investors and hedge funds, which help us to seek a better package of benefits.
The profession service we provide in this field including:
Company establishment, change, structure standardizing, capital increase and decrease
Drafting, reviewing, amending contracts and company by-laws
Merger and split of company 
Corporate governance
Tax planning & staff motivation scheme
Foundation structure design, investment structure design, legal document drafting and reviewing
Legal matters about bankruptcy liquidation
Enterprise restructuring and transferable stock options
Shareholders representative action and share dispute litigation
Permanent legal counsel
Legal risk government
Growth capital and risk capital
Acquisition and leveraged loan
Managerial equity incentive
Private equity fund exit
Portfolio counseling
Fund supervision

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