Family and Wealth inheritance

As the first law firm that had setting up the family law service center, Tenet & Partners could provide professional legal services of family lawsuits and non-lawsuits by fully using the company law, marriage law, inheritance law, trust law and foreign laws. We also combine law and psychology to design the most personal, professional plans for clients in the fields of marriage, inheritance, investment, wealth inheritance, etc. We assist family members in efficient investment, and harmonious relationship construction.
The profession service we provide in this field including:
Drafting divorce agreement, rights protection in marriage, divorce lawsuit and conciliation
Strategic right prevention in family relations, such as property agreement before marriage, property agreement in marriage, the supervision of will, shareholding structure designing
Inheritance succession, separating family property, supervising and executing of heritage
Family wealth planning with trust at home and abroad, family fund, overseas insurance, private bank
Tax planning, including: tax planning during the inheritance and tax saving arrangement
The risk isolation between enterprise assets and family property
Family constellation, organization constellation, management of the family business

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