What kind of law firm is Tenet & Partners?

Tenet & Partners is a high-end commercial law firm in Haixi (the economic zone of the west side of Taiwan Straits), which holds the cooperate philosophy of “manage risks,create values”. It sets up five large offices in Xiamen, Shanghai Pudong, Fuzhou, Quanzhou, Longyan, with more than 7,000 square meters of office space (including branch offices).  Now we possess about 300 employees, nearly 200 professional lawyers, and rank as the 23rd largest law firm in China by ALB in 2014. Its revenue has been ranking in the first place in Fujian province since 2001. In the year of 2014, it even became the only law firm in Fujian which its annual income surpassed 100 million.

The service capability of Tenet & Partners

Lawyers in Tenet & Partners always devote themselves to providing efficient, professional, practical and comprehensive legal solutions for clients. Regarding the legal service on Real Estate & Construction, Finance and Securities, Government Legal Counsel, Financing and Merger, Labor & HRM, Internet, Wealth Inheritance, Admiralty & Maritime, Foreign Investment, Intellectual Properties, Criminal Defense, Tenet & Partners always holds its leading position in much of the district.

International business collaboration system

Tenet & Partners has established SGLA with several powerful law firms in other provinces and international law firms in order to provide cross-regional and high-quality legal services for clients. Besides, it sets up extensive cooperation with law firms in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Singapore, the European Union, America, Canada, Australia.

The achievements of Tenet & Partners

The achievements of Tenet & Partners have been ranking in the first place in Fujian province since 2001. And with the trust and support of clients, it grows rapidly in the rate of 20%, and even become the only law firm in Fujian which the annual income surpassed 100 million in the year of 2014. Meanwhile, Tenet & Partners was awarded as ALB China Fast 10 by Asian Legal Business for several times, and makes its role in largest law firm Top 30 in China.

Service concept of Tenet & Partners

Service concept of Tenet & Partners is "Manage Risks,Create Values".The major projects always involve huge investment, long period, various subject, complex processes and diverse legal risks. A leak in legal awareness or contract management can cause inestimable legal risks, which would lead to not only property loss but also burdens on time cost, energy investment and enterprises or individual reputation.  

Lawyers in Tenet & Partners have extensive experience in project risk management and related resources, and gain incomparable advantage on risk prevention and quick response. They help clients figure out the optimal solution immediately as well as avoid (or lower) legal risk, hereby create visible and invisible value for clients.