Huang LuLawyer

Office Location:Quanzhou

Tel:(86) 595 28685106

Practice areas:Real Estate & Construction,Company Business, Intellectual Property, Criminal, Disputes Resolution

LL.B., Central China Normal University of China
He has has been engaged in the practice of law in Tenet & Partners in July 2010.
Typical cases/projects:
Since Mr. Huang practicing law, she adheres professional and meticulous, pragmatic dedicated work attitude, agents for hundreds of civil and commercial, criminal and non-litigation cases. In the fields of maintenance of intellectual property rights, accounts receivable recovery, labour and personnel management, private lending, personal injury compensation, ownership disputes, real estate sales, leasing contract dispute, she has accumulated rich experience, and achieves good results.
He has provided or is providing legal service for the following clients:
Anta (China) Co., Ltd.
Fujian Long Feng Textile Technology Co., Ltd.
Quanzhou Port Surplus Building Material Co.,
Quanzhou Chand Chemical Co., Ltd.
Fujian Jingfa Hoisting Co., Ltd.
Success stories listed below:
Agent for a contract dispute between the defendant, Fujian a certain company and the plaintiff, Dongguan a certain company, the first instance court dismissed the plaintiff's claims, the defendant company to save more than Two-Million-Yuan loss;
Agent for a second instance of franchise contract dispute between Mr. Gao, Mr. Li as appellant, and Jinjiang a certain company as the appellee, at the trail of Jinan Intermediate People’s Court, Mrs. Huang succeeded in forcing the other side made the choice to mediation, restore about nearly one million Yuan loss for the appellant;
Agent for a private lending dispute between defendant Mr. Zhuang (Cardiff), Mrs. Lin (wife) and the plaintiff, Mr. Zheng. At the first instance trail of Quanzhou Intermediate People’s Court, Mrs. Huang success invoked the Macao marriage law, Quanzhou Intermediate People's Court ruled that the defendant Mr. Zhuang without assumeresponsibility for repayment;
Agent for a patent infringement case between the defendant, Jinjiang a certain company and another Jinjiang certain company with the plaintiff Beijing a certain company, the first instance trail of Quanzhou Intermediate People's Court, and the second instance of Fujian Provincial High Court all ruled rejected the plaintiff;
Acting defendant Mr. Jiang and Mr. He on the case of private lending with the plaintiff Mr. Yang, although the plaintiff holds a original promissory note, in the first instance court in Nanan, by providing evidence that the other side is a false lawsuit, forcing the withdrawal of the plaintiff, the defendant restored nearly seven hundred thousand Yuan loss.
Award &Honor:
The first TV debate prize of Quanzhou prosecutors and lawyers contest