Zhuang HuayangPartner; Lawyer

Office Location:Xiamen

Tel:(86) 13906009997

Practice areas:Capital Markets & Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions, Private Placement, Equity Investment, Corporate Business

LL.B., Law School of Center-south University of Economics and Law
LL.M., Law School of Center-south University of Economics and Law, Majored in economic law
Participated in capital operation lessons of School of economics, Peking University.
Participated in free trade zone advanced lessons , school of economics, Xiamen University.

Served as teachers of law school, Guangdong Business University;
Joined Tenet & Partners in 2009;

Social Positions:
Legal consultant of Xiamen Quanzhou Commerce Chamber
Deputy Secretary of the Xiamen Quangang Commerce Chamber
China Mergers and Acquisitions Association Fujian branch
Secretary general of Haixi Mergers and Acquisitions club
Deputy secretary general, Xiamen University Economics fellow-students association

Typical Cases/Projects:
Xiamen Quanzhou Commerce Chamber
Xiamen Quangang Commerce Chamber
Xiamen Economic and Science Promotion Association
Fortune Economy Magazine
China Industrial Overseas Development and Planning Association Fujian branch
Xiamen Software Industry Investment Development Co., Ltd.
Xiamen High Energy Investment Co., Ltd.
Tomorrow Capital
Speed Capital
Xiamen torch Pioneer Park
Fujian Lei Ding Industrial Co. Ltd.
Fujian investment bank (Xiamen) Asset Management Co., Ltd.

"On Cooperation of Cross Strait lawyers on the financial legal services", participate in the 2012 Strait lawyers (Zhanghua) forum;
"Cross-strait cooperation under the framework of the ECFA", the 2011 Strait lawyers (Xiamen) forum outstanding papers;
"Build cross-strait cultural and creative legal services platform to promote cultural and creative intellectual property protection", the 2010 Straits lawyers (Xiamen) forum outstanding papers;
"On Cooperation of Cross Strait lawyers on the protection of intellectual property", participate in the 2009 Strait lawyers (Xiamen) seminar;
"Corporate deadlock and the protection of shareholders' interests", participate insix provinces and one city lawyers forum in 2008;
"On the obligations and responsibilities of controlling shareholders", the outstanding graduate thesis of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law in 2007;
"New Theory of Commercial Law function ", published in the "Center-south University of Economics and Law Journal of Postgraduates" in 2006;
The legal protection of consumer's information right in the perspective of law and economics, Second Prize of 2006 Conference of law and economics in Hubei Province.