Wang XinhongPartner; Lawyer

Office Location:Fuzhou


Practice areas:Government Legal Service, Labor & HR, Family & Wealth inheritance

Graduated from fujian university of political science and law management cadre college

Lawyer wang xinhong from 2007 to May 31, 2017, the law firm of fujian heli law firm is a partner lawyer,

Mainly engaged in and good at corporate legal risk prevention, housing leasing, insurance claims, recovery, labor contract disputes and other legal affairs, with deep professional quality and rich practice experience

Social position:
Member of the women's work committee of fuzhou

Representative legal services project:
The Chinese people's armed police force fujian provincial general team and fuzhou century Great Wall hotel co., LTD

Property management company and Lin hang leasing contract dispute case in taijiang district, fuzhou (1-3 floors of government building in taijiang district)

The leasing contract dispute between fujian provincial water conservancy science research and power industry equipment and line equipment quality inspection and testing center