Li JinghongLawyer

Office Location:Quanzhou

Tel:(86) 595 28685088; (86) 15905057815

Practice areas:Company & Private Investment; Family & Wealth Inheritance; Real Estate & Construction; Merges & Acquisitions

LL.B., Law School of Jilin University
Ms. Li joined Tenet & Partners (Quanzhou) in 2004, engaged in the litigation, arbitration business and acting all kinds of lawsuits for a long time, and she has rich practical experience in civil and commercial litigation.
Typical Cases/Projects:
Ms. Li combines the microscopic analysis of legal system with stagey application when she represents parties in court, distinguishing and try her best to maintain the legal interests of principal, she is especially good at dealing with private lending disputes, business contract disputes, the engineering construction contract disputes, equity disputes, etc.
1.       Accept a certain Shanxi enterprise, represent the company to deal with a contract dispute case with another company, step-by-step, organize evidence, to form a complete a chain of evidence, promoting the Shanxi court accept the confusion of two defendants company personality, eventually achieving successful, the court sentenced two defendants jointly pay all overdue payments about eight million Yuan;
2.       Accept Mr. Shi’s entrust, represent him to deal with the private loan disputes case with Mr. Li and Mr. Wu, on the premise of the client have no written evidence, Mrs. Li designed a series of litigation strategy, fixed the principal evidence, and get the support from the court, made Mr. Li and Mr. Wu passively reach mediation agreement with Mr. Shi, Mr. Shi got the full mediation.
3.       Accept a certain state-owned bank’s entrust, represent the bank to deal with factoring contract with a certain company, made the court to rule the case in a month after accept the entrust, and won the lawsuit;
4.       Provided full legal service for Mr. Wang for transferring his holding equity, represented him to negotiation, provide legal consultancy, draw up the contract and other text materials, etc.;
5.       Provided legal service for a certain state-owned enterprise to restructure, and the restructure succeed;
6.       Accept Mr. Lin’s entrust, defended for his suspected of counterfeiting registered trademark crime, after the lawyer providing defence opinions and the investigating and prosecuting apparatus’ positive coordination, communication, eventually, the Public Procurator’s Office decided no to prosecute;
7.       Employed by Fujian Haixia Bank Co., Ltd. Quanzhou Branch to deal with foreign business litigation;