Chen RongMember of Management Committee of Quanzhou Tenet & Partners; Lawyer

Office Location:Quanzhou

Tel:(86)595 28685005;(86)13599728728

Practice areas:Government Legal Counsel; Dispute Resolution; Real Estate & Construction

LL.B., Law School of Huaqiao University

Worked in Fujian Quannan law firm in 2002
Joined inTenet & Partners (quanzhou) in 2004

Typical cases/projects:
Lawyer Chen Rongworks as a lawyer for more than a decade, focusing on government administrative legal matters, committed herself to the administrative litigation cases, government housing levy special legal service, government construction projects, dispute resolution and other litigation and non litigation business.
Providing or has provided legal services for following clients:
Quanzhou City Administration Bureau;
QuanzhouHousing and Urban Construction Bureau;
Taiwanese Investment District Branch,Quanzhou City Administration Bureau;
Administrative Law Enforcement Office of Fengze District City Management Bureau;
Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau of Jinjiang municipality;
Nanan City Traffic Development Co. Ltd.;
Jinjiang Public Security Bureau;
Nanan City Traffic Development Co. Ltd.
Typical non litigationcases:
Provided full legal services for Licheng District Xingxian Road extension project construction projects;
Provided full legal services forNanan307highway Feng state extension project (the city's first case which levying on the Regulation of levy and Compensation on Houses on the State-owned Land);
Provided full legal services forYongning Town small town area renovation project;
Provided full legal services forNanan City Willow Lake,Beishan renovation project;
Provided full legal services forLichengHuaxingand HuaSu rebuilding project;
Provided full legal services forZhenzhong Road, Baodao Roadreconstruction project