Chen QingyongDirector of Criminal Defense Department;Partner; Lawyer

Office Location:Xiamen

Tel:(86) 592 6304501

Practice areas:Criminal Defense

LL.B., Law school of Xiamen University

Lawyer Chen Qingyong began to work as a lawyer right after graduation and he start to focus on criminal defense from 2002. Now he is a partner and the director of criminal defense department of Tenet & Partners.

Social Positions:
Member of Xiamen Lawyer Association Criminal Defense Committee

Typical Cases/Projects:

1. Successful advocacy of innocence:
(1) Ningde Fujian Chen * Yong smuggle ordinary goods case;
(2) Xiamen Wu *jun fraud case;
(3) Huang** drug trafficking case (150 kg);
(4) Zeng** corruption case;
(5) Xiamen Zhang * * intentional injure (serious) case;
(6) Xiamen Shu * wen Misappropriation, cover up the proceeds of crime;
(7) Zhangzhou Zhang ** bill fraud.

2. Successful mass cases:
(1) 2000-2002 shocking "420" Xiamen Yuanhua smuggling series case ;
(2) a Xiamen Electronics Company fraudulent special VAT invoicing case;
(3) Zhangzhou, Li** organize, lead underworld organization, intentional injury, affray, gambling, illegal business, etc.;
(4) Chen Xiamen** organize, lead underworld organization, drug trafficking, intentional injury, affray and other cases.
(5) Xiamen Zhang** organize, lead underworld organization,  intentional injury, affray, gambling, illegal business, etc.;
(6) Quanzhou Qiu** yuan smuggling 900 million ordinary goods;
(7) Xiamen Zhang** , Wu **  smuggling 780 million yuan ordinary goods;
(8) Xiamen Cai* and other 65 defendants  smuggling billion yuan ordinary goods;
(9) Longyan printing factory defendant Lu * zhang accused of corruption, bribery, fraudulent special VAT invoicing case, dividing the state-owned assets in secret.
(10) Xiamen * *, Cai Xiang Cai Gong Yuan et al 250 million large smuggling ordinary goods;
(11) Xiamen Wang* 170 million yuan contract fraud;
(12) Xiamen Lai * * 350 million yuan fraud;
(13) Xiamen Cao * 280 million yuan contract fraud.

3. Defense of the death penalty case:
(1) Xiamen Xie * * , Li** hired murder in Xiamen Bigong Hotel  (Er Shen);
(2) Quanzhou Hong * Tim case of intentional injury death (Er Shen);
(3) Xiamen Pan Jun * (drug trafficking case of second instance and the death penalty review procedure defense);
(4) Xiamen Zhu * *  drug trafficking case (second trial);
(5) Xiamen Jiang * *  narcotics trafficking (second trial).

Honors & Awards:
SGLA the Best Criminal Defense Team in 2011