Fang LinboDeputy Director of Quanzhou Tenet & Partners; the Management Committee Deputy Convener of Tenet & Partners Quanzhou Branch; Lawyer

Office Location:Quanzhou

Tel:(86) 595 28685015

Practice areas:Capital Market & Finance; Real Estate & Construction; Government Legal Counsel

BMS., Chongqing University of China
Passed national judicial examination in November 2008.
Now he is a master of law student in Huaqiao University.
Mr. Fang has been worked for Tenet & Partners since 2009. He worked for a large real estate company which is a listed company, and he was responsible for the company’s operations and legal work, the work makes him accumulate rich experience, especially familiar with these areas such as enterprise investment and financing, land development and project construction, personnel labour, operation management, etc.
Typical Cases/Projects:
Mr. Fang always adheres to diligent, responsible, rigorous and careful as his professional attitudes, makes every effort to assist the parties to find the most appropriate and most cost-effective solution, and tries hard to maintain the greatest interests for the parties.  
He has provided or is providing legal service for the following clients:
Shishi Shi Mao New City Real Estate Development Co., Ltd
Anji Food Co., Ltd
Youbisheng (Fujian) Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd
Fujian Quanzhou Jindal Clothing Co., Ltd
Xiamen Rich Dress Box Co., Ltd
Quanzhou Yong Gao Sporting Goods Co., Ltd
Fujian Wan Guan hardware machinery Co., Ltd
Ping He Jia Tai Real Estate Development Co., Ltd
Foshan Han Zheng Yao Lu Co., Ltd
GuoHui (China) Co., Ltd
Quanzhou Shimao New Neighbourhood Real Estate Co., Ltd
Fujian Yuesheng Commercial Management Co., Ltd
China State Construction Engineering YUANNAN Group Co., Ltd
Quanzhou Mingcequancheng Real Estate Agency Co., Ltd
Fujian Jinchuang Real Estate Co., Ltd
Shishi Honour hotel Co., Ltd
Jinjiang Heng Sheng Toys Co., Ltd
Quanzhou Coastal Tourism and Leisure Co., Ltd
Quanzhou Rescue Station
Qiangang District Qianhuang Town people’s government
Jinjiang Wanshun Real Estate Co., Ltd
Typical Services:
The land administrative case between Mr. Lai, 12 people and Jinjiang People’s government (on behalf of the government);
The use right back of state-owned land case between seven Jinjiang enterprises and Quanzhou People’s government (on behalf of the government);
Co-author “the analytical practice in administrative procedure law”, Chinese law press, published in November 2015