Zhang ZhaodongDirector of Labor & HR Department , Partner, Lawyer

Office Location:Xiamen

Tel:(86) 592 6304516

Practice areas:Labor & HR, Government Legal Counsel, Company Business, Maritime Affairs, Real Estate, Dispute Resolution

LL.B., Law School of Xiamen University in 1996
LL.M., Law School of Huaqiao University in 1999
JD., Law School of Xiamen University in 2003, Majored in International Economic Law 
Mr. Zhang is also a post-doctorate in economy.

He started his career as a lawyer from 1999. Before joining Tenet & Partners, he was lawyer and partner of famous law firm. Also, he has worked as associate professor and master’s supervisor in Huaqiao University since 2003. In the year of 2014, he was invited by National Lawyers Association to lecture and practice training all around the country.Today, he is one of the partners of Tenet & Partners and the director of Labor & HR department

Social Positions:
Deputy director, the Labor and Social Security Law Committee of the Nation Lawyers Association,
Deputy director, the Labor and Social Security Law Committee of the Fujian Lawyers Association,
Member of the Education Committee of Xiamen Lawyer Association
Associate professor and tutor of Law School of Huaqiao University and the City College of Macao
Xiamen municipal Party school part-time teacher
Deputy Secretary, Fujian Law Society Law Research Association
Director, Fujian labor law law Research Association
Guizhou Liupanshui labor dispute processing association Consultant
Mediator, China Council promotion of international trade / China International Chamber of Commerce Xiamen,
Arbitrator, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Quanzhou Arbitration Commission
Xiamen Human Resources And Social Security Bureau Special Supervisor
Arbitrator, Xiamen labor dispute arbitration committee
Xiamen Labor Union Workers Rights Protection volunteers
Xiamen Labor Dispute Mediation And Arbitration Expert
Xiamen Trade Remedy Legal Affairs Center Expert
Xiamen Siming CPPCC members
Vice Director, Commission of Legislative Affairs of Xiamen Municipal, China Democratic League
Member, CPPCC of Siming District, Xiamen
Guest Commentator, Legal Program of Quanzhou TV
Acting as onsultants and experts:
Appointed as "Chinese famous contemporary law committee" in 2004;
Hired as the Xiamen People's Government Legislative counsel in 2011
Hired as Quanzhou intellectual property experts in 2012
Hired as Xiamen municipal government procurement experts in 2015
Hired as Fujian Provincial People's Government Legislative Consultant in 2015
Hired as Zhangzhou Municipal People's government legal talent experts in 2015
Hired as Dehua County People's government legal adviser in 2015

Typical Cases/Projects:
He has provided legal counsel and other legal services to the following key customers:
Xiamen People's Government Legislative Affairs Bureau
Xiamen Local Taxation Bureau
Xiamen Development And Reform Commission
Xiamen Branch of Bank of East Asia, Hongkong
Bank of China Xiamen Branch
Minsheng Bank Xiamen Branch
Bank of Xiamen Co. Ltd
China Mobile Communications Group Fujian Mobile Communications Co., Ltd. Xiamen Branch
Xiamen Port Affairs
Ecogreen Group (Hong Kong Listed Companies)
Hongxing Erke Group (Singapore Listing Corporation)
Anta (China) Co., Ltd.
XTEP (China) Co., Ltd.
Jordan (China) Co., Ltd.
Fujian Zhonglian Sheng Real Estate Development Co. Ltd.
Xiamen Rail Transit Group Co., Ltd.
Xiamen Housing Construction Group Co., Ltd.
Xiamen Yi Hong Group Investment Co., Ltd.
Xiamen Fortune Group Co. Ltd.
Xiamen Sunflower Food Co., Ltd.
Xiamen Guo Yu Health Management Center Co., Ltd.
Xiamen Environment Energy Investment Development Co., Ltd.
Xiamen Quanhai Shipping Co., Ltd.
Xin Jincheng (Xiamen) Corrosion Protection Engineering Co., Ltd.
Giant Optical (Xiamen) Co., Ltd.
Run City Biological Technology (Xiamen) Co., Ltd.
Xiamen Kang Shuo Fitness Audio Supplies Company Limited
Xiamen Da Bo Ying Precision Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.
Xiamen Hua Ronghang Feather Products Co. Ltd.
Xiamen Fuyuan Import & Export Trade Co. Ltd.
Xiamen Cai Xuan Trading Co. Ltd.
Xiamen Hong Xuda Garden Engineering Co. Ltd.
Xiamen Jia Hua Garden Development Company Limited
Xiamenfinancial Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd.
Quanzhou Jin Pu Water Supply Co., Ltd.
Quanzhou Sheng Hui Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
Quanzhou Crown Benefit Real Estate Co., Ltd.
The City of Shenzhen City Property Management Co., Ltd. Xiamen Branch
Guilong Pharmaceutical (Anhui) Co. Ltd.
Hainan Yu Yang Health Industry Co., Ltd.
Ju Jia (Shanghai) Industrial Co., Ltd.

Honors & Awards:
Awarded as outstanding lawyer by Fujian Party committee and Fujian Provincial Department of justice in 2008;
Awarded as "outstanding young people in Fujian Province," in 2010
Awarded by the Chinese National Lawyers Association, the expert lawyers western tour instructor group recognition in 2014;
Awarded as Fujian outstanding social welfare (Youth) lawyer in 2014
Awarded as Excellent Teacher by Huaqiao University
Lawyer Zhang Zhaodong has received :
Chinese Lawyers Forum Excellent Paper
East China six provinces and one city lawyers forum Excellent Paper
Fujian lawyer forum Excellent Paper
Fujian Lawyers Association outstanding legal documents
First prize of Xiamen lawyers lawyer Seminar on theory and Practice
outstanding paper on the real estate Seminar jointly held by Xiamen Municipal People's Congress and the intermediate people's court and the Arbitration Commission
Third-prize, the people's Government of Fujian outstanding achievements in Social Sciences
Second-prize, Quanzhou Municipal People's government outstanding achievements in Social Sciences
Fujian Law Society legal research achievement in 2009

“Comparative Study on The Circumstances Change System”, published in February 2001;
"Public Procurement Law of the European Community", published in February 2001;
"Real Estate Legal Service Regulations", published in February 2001;
"Hot Topics of Financial Law", published in February 2001;
"comparative economic law” in October 1999;
"Real Estate Legal Service Guide", published in September 2003;
"Huayuan jurisprudence", October 2005 ;
"International Law", February 2007;
"WTO Legal Tutorial", 2009;
"international law" (Macao higher education law series teaching material), August 2011;
"Real Estate Law" (Law of higher education school textbook), June 2013.