Luo ChangshuiPartner, Lawyer

Office Location:Xiamen

Tel:(86) 592 6304536

Practice areas:Company Business; Merge &Acquisition; Restructure; Real Estate& Construction; Government Legal Counsel; Criminal Defend

LL.B., Law School of Fujian Normal University
Luo Changshui has been practicing law for about 30 years and has rich experience in legal service.
Served as a lawyer in one law firm in Ninghua County, Sanming City from 1989 to 1994;
Served as deputy director and director of Justice Bureau in Ninghua County, Sanming City from 1994 to 2005;
Serve as a lawyer in Tenet from 2005 until present.
Luo Changshui has dealt with hundreds of different cases. With such extensive experience, Luo is capable of providing overall legal service.
Social Positions
Deputy Manager of Ninghua Electro Mechanical Plant;
Manager of Ninghua Food Plant;
Lawyer, director of Ninghua law firm;
Deputy director, director of Ninghua Justice Bureau ;
Member of Ninghua CPPCC S tanding Committee;
NPC member of Sanming City
Typical Cases/Projects
Transaction Legal Service:
Reform of Ninghua Cement Plant;
Reform of Ninghua Ammonia Plant;
SandaMomo Tech. Co. Ltd.’ acquisition of Yi’er High-tech Pharmaceutical Plant;
The overall transfer of Xiamen State Electro Chemical Plant
Luo has provided or is providing legal service for the following clients:
Xiamen LonghuDejia Real Estate Co. Ltd.;
JingjiangZhong’ao Real Estate Co. Ltd.;
Longhai Diamond Real Estate Development Co. Ltd.;
C & D Group Co. Ltd.;
Xiamen CCRE Group Co., Ltd.;
Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Land Resources and Real Estate Management;
Xiamen Municipal Commission of Urban Planning;
Xiamen Municipal Property Right Registration Center of Real Estate Trade.

“Difficulties and Strategies of Enterprise Reform” in 1996;
“Problems and Strategies of Legal System Construction” in 2001;
“On the Inapplicability of Penalty for Juveniles ” in 2004;
“Operation of Equity Partition in Divorce” in 2007