Intellectual Property

The profession service Tenet & partners provides in the field of intellectual property covers:patents, trademarks, software and copyright, trade secrets and unfair competition, etc. Tenet & partners owns many experienced legal experts with BSc who are expert at intellectual property. They have provided legal services for parties at home and abroad in various intellectual property affairs. Tenet & partners was awarded by SGLA as The Best Intellectual Property Lawsuit in 2013.
The profession service we provide in this field including:
Intellectual property applying and registration
Intellectual property transfer and licensing
Intellectual property protection
Patent infringement investigation and relief
Intellectual property strategic design and implement
Patent and PCT applications
patent reviews and challenges to patent validity
Patent application for recovery
Archival filing of patent with customs
Trademark retrieval, registration, review, objection, cancellation, monitoring, well-known trademark recognition, etc.
Planning and implement of IPR and operation
High and new technology enterprise qualification cognizance, government projects and capital returns
Intellectual property financing, pooling, licensing and trading
Confirmation and protection scheme design of trade secrets
Establishing franchise system
Settling ownership disputes, transfer or license contract disputes, infringement disputes and administrative disputes
Copyright registration
Intellectual property permanent legal counsel
Intellectual property lawsuits 

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