Government legal counsel

Tenet & Partners provides governments with administrative legal services. We organize a professional legal team and provide services for diverse government offices, by as legal advisors or agent ad litem. We provide full-scale legal services, which including collecting laws and regulations, risk prevention, legislative assessment, etc. in the fields of territorial resources, urban and rural planning, security monitoring, PPP, etc. We assist government clients to achieve fairness and efficiency and realize the value of function fulfilling and good social effect. The legal product ” harmonious expropriation” was highly approved by government and had good social effect, and now it is promoted throughout the country.

The profession service we provide in this field including:
Legislation investigations, legislative proposal, legislation drafting
Legal services of house expropriation and compensation
Administrative reconsideration and administrative lawsuit
Legal services of government investment and financing
Procurement scheme design and legal review
Legal services of government bidding projects and competitive negotiation
Drafting and reviewing purchasing contract
Legal opinions of particular problems
Writing attorney letters

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