Labor and HR

Tenet & Partners provide full-scale legal services of labor & HR and devoting to lowing the risks of severe disputes between labors and employers. Lawyers in Tenet have accumulated rich experience of preventing HR risks, being able to protect clients' rights and interests by providing new labor service products such as employee modes, HR management training, etc.

The profession service we provide in this field including:
Provide the corporation with consulting of laws and regulations related to labor and HR
Labor dispute handling
Drawing up legal documents related to labor affairs
Designing and standardize the employment structure
Agenting the labor registrations
Assisting the corporation to perfect enterprise's regulations and rules
Assisting the establishment of labor union and workers' conference
Due diligence investigation on labors
Resettling program of laid-off workers
Drafting and reviewing labor contract, training agreement, Non-Competition agreement, confidentiality agreement
Drafting employee handbook and company rules and regulations
Consultation about labor protection, work-related injury and occupational diseases

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